Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Air ride - baby!

Here is the reveal of yesterdays post:
XY- dampers are: Monroe MaxAir - made for aircooled VW's on the rear IRS axle.
But, as the Type 3 front damper is the same length as a beetle / type 3 rear damper, I just exchanged the lower bushings - and here is the Type 3 front pseudo - "Airride"!
As the Monroe is a standard damper plus the adjustable air cushion - it rides really well and I can have the cool "in the weeds" look whenever necessary and a moderate ride hide also.

I lowered the front another notch, then installed the Monroe's

enough said, look:

"standard" ride height:

"low" stance - on the bump stops:

again, in detail:



I am looking for an onboard compressor to "blow-up" the Monroes whenever I need it - Maybe I'll use one of those "mobility kit" type compressors...

By the way...
On an IRS equipped Type 3 the similar thing could be done to the rear as well! On a swing axle I would strongly recommend NOT to "high jack" the rear - the extreme positive camber would look ugly and drive like crap!

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