Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

after a long day... TÜV approval!

From 10:00 am until 19:00 pm I was busy to get final TÜV approval for the Volksback:

10:00h: appointment with the TÜV technician

10:35h : start of the checking procedure

11:30h: a list of problems / headaches:
- rear suspension too low (no surprise!)
- nylon lock nuts on the steering box do not work properly - replace with spring rings and standard nuts
- brake hose rear right is twisted
- 5mm track rings per side on the rear wheels do not leave enough space for the wheel @ full travel - remove

12:00h - 14:30h back to the garage: disassemble and redial the rear suspension one spline, replace lock nuts as above, fix the brake hose, remove track rings
14:45h: @ the TÜV again. Front lights have to be re-alligned due to new suspension height - done in a minute. Height measured and accepted. New problem: We need evidence that the speedo works with the tire size - so, back home... -grab a GPS and taking  some pics @ 40, 80, 120 km/h :

 35 km/h from the GPS @ 40 km/h on the speedo

  73 km/h from the GPS @ 80 km/h on the speedo

113 km/h from the GPS @ 120 km/h on the speedo

The speedo is always ahead of the real speed - perfect!

16:30h heading back to the TÜV office - on the way - picking up the polished wheels:
they came out great, especially if you would have seen them before!
If you are looking for top service, look here:

17:30h @ the TÜV again: evidence is accepted, everything looking good
19:00h receiving all the paperwork - here one of the most important:

contemporary ride height modification, contemporary Porsche wheels with 165/65/15 up front and 185/65/15 in the rear. Now the Volksback is a real classic car "Oldtimer"!

Here is the result of todays work:
A (dirty) Volksback with TÜV approval and a nice set of wheels!:

A special thanks to Rui and Olli for lending me their car dealer plates, Mr. Rusch from the TÜV for his work and over hours - and to Ralf for the support and the appointment with the TÜV!


  1. meine allerfeinsten glückwünsche zur bestandenen prüfung! alles richtig gemacht!!!
    i´d like to see the car in reality asap!

  2. Jetzt muß erstmal der Lackierer noch mal 'ran und die Staubeinschlüsse etc. 'rauspolieren, sowie den Kofferraum neu lackieren. Dann kann ich die ganzen Dichtungen einkleben, dann prüfen ob alles dicht ist, dann den Teppich verlegen....usw

  3. erhol dich morgen erst mal von den strapazen!
    der strahlemann

  4. Anmelden nicht vergessen, so wie ich! ;-)