Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Airboxes and wiring

I started assembly with the wiper motor and the air boxes, but when I replaced the upper seal I discovered this:

 so, I visited Jens, my personal "master blaster" once more, he took care of them right away:

then I repainted them gloss black and re-sealed the seams with Sikaflex. Sorry, no pic, they are already mounted!
Here are some pics of the installed wiring harness.:
 looks a bit messy but I think I know what I do...
my special hazard switch and air vent regulators fitted

 wrong voltage regulator - still have to search for the right one...

 washer bottle, production tag and brake fluid reservoir already installed!


  1. elektrik! ich hasse sie!
    der strahler

  2. Hi Markus,
    nicht das Massekabel vom Tankgeber zur Anzeige vergessen!
    Jetzt kannst Du es noch gut verstecken ;-)

    Gruß Ralli