Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

some tlc: interieur rubber brought back to life

today I spent some time to clean the interieur rubber for the door jambs and for the rear pop-outs:

 rear pop out rubber before + after:


 door jamb rubbers before + after:

It just took some warm water, a mild soap and a little WD 40 for the real hardcore crud - it will make a big difference - hopefully!

It always amazes me that most of the "old" parts can still just be cleaned and re-used - this stuff was made for infinity - try to do this with the interieur of a , say modellyear 2005 GM or Ford - if they still exist  ;-)


  1. Das nenne ich Musselschrupping vom Feinsten.
    Da lacht das Herz.

    a sunny Week, Rallikowski

  2. same for aftermarket parts! i can´t see that crap anymore! looks alike original, but doesn´t fit in the end!