Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

the "classic design" old school Hazard switch

My '66 wasn't equipped with a Hazard switch factorywise. Some time along the way an aftermarket switch was installed - but it didn't fit to the design of the other (2) switches.
So, some guesswork and lot of tricky machining later, I have a real nice "OEM-looking" switch which never existed:

 upper: my own design - lower: original VW Hazard switch

... incl. a red lens which is illuminated like on the original rubber switch! Special thanks to Thomas for the machining!

I can't wait to mount it in the dashboard!


  1. auch haben wollen!!!
    der immer noch in der firma weilende strahler

  2. für den Schalter bekommst Du einen Pokal ;-)