Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

DFL Cruise Night 30. April 2011, Hannover, Germany

The Hannover Weekend started on Saturday afternoon with the "MCM"  May Cruise Madness from the German Club DFL for the first time in another location, a Burger King in Hannover. The parking lot is much bigger but for me personally it did not have the "flair" of the old location, here are some snap shots:

 I still love the Pedrini's!

 Mario's "wild safari" project - as seen on this years Volksworld show in the UK.  You can buy it if you want to: wild safari

 really nice oval with BIG wheels:

 17" Fuchs all around with a very narrow front end


 4x130 gas burner repops - they fit real good, especially in this color!

 a very rare wheel - with a special "center cap"

 the rim is machined to house VW hurn buttons as center caps! - cool idea!
 mmmh - I like this color!

 yeah! - right - whatever that means...
This is the day when Sweden swapped from RHD (like in the UK) to LHD (like the rest of Europe) - this super rare sticker should not be removed before Sept. 03, 1967 as these front light were already produced for LHD in the factory. In order not to glare the rest of the traffic, these self adhesive covers were attached.
Here is more info about "Dagen H"

 a nice straight rocker panel trim
 4,5 " Fuchs repops up front  
5,5 " Fuchs repops in the rear

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