Samstag, 19. November 2016

Throttle linkage update

The idea to mix the Weber carbs and the VW throttle linkage was good and simple, but the Webers require more travel, compared to the Solex PDSIT carbs. As a result, the Webers didn't really show their full potential.
The VW throttle lever is a multi piece, spot welded bit with some steps and special details - not easy to duplicate...
So, to address this issue I modified the existing VW linkage for greater travel - a simple extension of leverage!
 Using the original mounting points for the ball joints as attachment for the extension,
I mounted the new lever on the underside of the exisiting one. A large diameter hole allows the lever to still be mounted to the original post:
 Now the Webers can "breath freely" as the butterflies are maximum opened on full throttle - that is what we are aiming for: WOT = Wide Open Throttle!

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