Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

May Cruise Madness and Maikäfertreffen 2015

Wow, that was an awesome time! I spend Thursday and Friday in Hannover to join DFL's
May Cruise Madness as well as the Maikäfertreffen on May 1st. I met a lot of old and new friends and had a great time! After a major hick up on the way to Hannover on Ralf's Type 3 (I am sure you can read something about this on Ralf's Blog soon: we finally made it. It was a little rainy but nevertheless we cleaned our cars and visited the MCM.

I was too busy talking, so only took a few pics:
Here is Michael Moos' Squareback - which I've seen for the first time "in flesh" - a really breathtaking piece of art!

The "Car of the Night" award winner:

Later on an extreme flared Opel Manta showed up, maybe the original car from the 90's movie "Manta Manta" ?

One of many nice busses:

Then we took off to our favorite restaurant to meet friends and enjoy some great food. Another beer in the hotel lobby and we called it a day. 
Friday morning, after a plentiful breakfast we drove to the MKT. Luckily we were allowed to park in the Show & Shine area once more!
Here are just a few random pics of the day:



My good buddy Oliver presented his exquist VW Porsche 914 - Allegedly the first 914 ever on the MKT stage!

For the first time in years I spent some time on the camp grounds and the visitors parking lot - man, this place was packed:
It was a great meeting again and I am amazed that the entry fee is still only 10 Euro's!  Hats off and a big thank you to the organization team of the MKT!

Of course I spent most of the time searching for used and new parts, here is what I found:
Almost everything I bought this year is for the Volksstreaker project: a dust cover, seat belts, chrome rings, antenna, rubber grommets, backing plates and a set of Thing spindles.  Only some spares for the Cup Käfer bar will find their way into the Volksback! The IRS bushings are for another set of IRS arms which I am currently rebuilding. More on the Streaker in my other Blog:

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