Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

New Years resolutions: Time for a clean up!

Well, the few people who know how my garage currently looks like will think: Yes, finally he will take care of the mess in his garage - but, sorry guys - I am talking about my Blog!
Since almost 2 years, more and more fine blogs are dying, as almost everybody moved to Facebook these days. Which is a format I personally do not like that much. However, I dumped a lot of links to Blogs which are inactive for up to 2 years - or even more.
But, there is a new entry as well: "The Lamley Group". A Blog about Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica etc.! If you are a die cast car guy, check it out!

Wishing all my visitors a "Happy New Year 2015" - and I promise: The new year will see more Blog action again - simply because there will be some wrenching on the Volksback again!

See you in 2015! Maybe in Rosmalen next weekend?


  1. aufräumen kann man immer mal "später" (nein, nicht mein credo! LOL), schrauben ist angesagt! temperaturen über null bringen da gleich nen motivationsschub!!
    alles feinste für 2015!!!!
    der strahlemann des vertrauens!!