Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Hannover MKT 2014: parts hunt and a few pics:

Even though this is a double post in my blogs, I also found some good stuff for the Volksback in Hannover:
Besides all the stuff for the Streaker, I found redrilled Type 3 brakes and rotors (4x130 + 5x130) and a new 316° Schleicher cam (in the box) as well as choke block offs for the next Volksback engine!

The weather on the way to Hannover wasn't that bad:
 later during the May Cruise Madness the weather changed to heavy rain, so I only made a few pics...

... this is a little too much for my taste everything full of rails and pipes...

yet another nice T1 bus

and a very nice T2 bay window!

the next morning: On our way to the Maikäfertreffen:

and here is a nice pic of all the different type 3 body styles:
 You can see the umbrellas and the wet cars - this was more or less the same during the whole day...
Anyway, we met a lot of friends, talked a lot of b*llsh!t - as always and enjoyed the time, so see you all next year!

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