Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

Kever Winter Festijn Maastricht Jan. 04, 2014

Today I visited the Kever Winter Festijn in Maastricht. Met some friends and bought some stuff!
Some goods for the new engine(s), 2 door seals for the Streaker, some rubber seals and a few circlip pliers. Best bargain: a Raid Steering wheel cushion for 2 Euro.
There were some cool rides to be seen:

low Porker replica on 17 inchers:

a nice Squareback - eventhough a late model it still was cool - I really like this color! 

 excellent wheel choice!

interesting Baja, with water pumper and a nice raised tail (rotated and shortened rear wings, shortened deck lid

and a usable beetle pick-up with pancake type 3 motor and excellent body mods!

I am sure it is called winter fest as it was inside almost as cold as outside! So, bring your coats next time!

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  1. nabend markus,
    es gab seegeringzangen juchu.............!!!!
    es darf weiter geschraubt werden.

    Gruß Ralli