Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

electric gremlins...

Yesterday evening the main 16 A fuse was killed - again. This happened 4 times since the Volksback is back on the road, so obviously there was something wrong. After I checked the remains of the fuse I could tell that LOTS of current must have blown this one:

It was literaly molten away!
After it was blown the last time I checked the replaced fuse and it was hot to the touch - not good! 

So I checked the whole fuse box set up, the dip relay, light switch etc, because the main power chord runs through the light switch and then into the fuse box.
Finally I found the failure. I connected this main chord after the fuse, not before! So, all the current ran permanently through this fuse, which couldn't work.
I reconnected the cable to the correct side of the fuse box and now everything should be good again!

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  1. mano man,
    das sieht aber wirklich nicht gut aus. Der Fehler will gefunden werden..........
    Gruß Ralli