Montag, 10. Juni 2013

pics from Sundays Meeting In Gelsenkirchen 1st Old- & Youngtimermeeting "Nordstern Klassik"

Here are only a few shots from Sundays 1st. Old- and Youngtimer Meeting in Gelsenkirchen Nordsternpark:
this is a cool overview of the wide array of cars on display: 50ties to 80ties, from VW to V8 - you name it. Old German, British and American Iron. A wide array of styles and makes/models to see. Some French junk stuff showed up as well.

 nice wheels!

Audi Coupe right beneath a Rolls Royce - there was everything you can imagine.

I still have a soft spot for the "Razoredge" Karmann Type 34!

I could show maybe 100's of pics - but the best way to distinguish classic cars is still to visit a meeting near your home! Go out, enjoy the sun (finally) and the cars + people to meet!

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