Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Pics from Saturdays Beetle and Bus-Meeting in Solingen @ the TÜV Station

As usual, I made a short visit to this nice little meeting - it is always packed, as the space is limited, but I met a few friends and did my charitable donation.

this one is around for a looooong time

Here is a glimpse over the area:

a strange mixture:

a real German looker:  super clean and big brakes:
 and rear:

What a cool - and very detailed ride (for a 4 year old) - In the right corner of the pic you can see a real Type 1 front bumper for comparison

Here a few pics, especially for my friend Thomas!

I really dig how the door handle sits on the crease line,  incorporated into the upper side moulding

 a really nice and rare sight!

... and talking 'bout "mustard" colored cars: Here is one of the few Bonito's I like - clean and simple on wide steelies:

... and when this "beauty" showed up, I had to leave...

... a "H" registered number plate- on such a strange thing? I couldn't believe that!

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