Sonntag, 23. September 2012

DAS Dragday #10 Bitburg Sept. 2012

Despite the grey skies we headed towards Bitburg yesterday to visit the 10th DAS Dragday. It was very crowded and we've seen a lot of new cars. The weather was better than expected and we had a great day on the Bitburg Airfield. Unfortunately the dash plaques were already sold out... Here are some pics:

... with TÜV approval???

 DFL line up:

HELL on wheels:
-  great mix of a vintage engine in a modern frame - the exact opposite we do with our cars!

Subaru Turbo Boxer powered:

some real vintage bugs:

some giant must have stepped on this 80'ies style convertible...

(even the fog lights are flared...)
... and some more "classic" style bugs:

- as always buses, buses,buses...
 my favorite, a T2A US-spec, pop top, slammed on detailed Fuchs wheels!

- on NSU Ro 80 rims:

- on 16" Fuchs wheels:

- on multi-piece Cup wheels:

  - or 15" Fuchs wheels

... also on the track:

burn out action:

even our "taxi" driver, Olli tested his Audi S4 on the track
 this is the result:
Now, knowing that it takes 15,4 seconds to put a 344 hp 4x4 Audi along the 1/4 mile, I can only imagine what it takes to pass a real fast run! Some water pumpers had between 230 and 261 kph on the finish line, with times under 9 seconds!

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