Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Zeche Zollverein Juli 1st, 2012

Today was a great mix of cars at the Zeche Zollverein monthly classic car meeting, and the first appearance of the Volksback:

some classic Opels

 a rare Aero:

4 door Bel Air

cool panel van with a custom touch and fat rubbers in the back

 Renault 5 Turbo 2 "bathtub"

 and another Aero:

nice 'n clean Golf Mark I
 Kleinschnittger - 150 kg overall weight, no reverse gear!
 and yet another Aero...

 Escort RS 2000

 Plymouth Fury, the trunk is the size of my whole car!

Fiat X1/9 - a  rare sight these days...

Ford Mercury

 DeSoto Firesweep - never seen one of those before...
exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper

aerodynamic rear view mirror

one of a few frog eyed MG's

Ford Capri Mark I V6

 Plymouth Fury - BIG fins!

suicide doors and interesting door handle

Chevy Van

mean Dodge with Centerline Convo Aero wheels, one of favorites since the early 90ies!

Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

Dodge with strange body lines - way cool!

1967 VW Beetle

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  1. guess who sandblasted (years ago!) the white nsu prinz with "sg" lettering!!??

    still in very good shape! owner is building up a completely wrecked down vw rabbit 1 i´ll get in two weeks!
    greetz from the masterblaster