Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

The Volksback: finally wheels aligned

I only aligned the track and camber roughly, but in order not to waste my new tires I decided to let the pro's check and realign it:
sensors attached (the reflection in the drivers door is NOT a dent! - I just double checked in the garage!)

steering wheel fixed and levelled (You can also see the carpet kit I started to install - with no success, the velcro tape doesn't really stick...)

 At first glance, everything still looks clean and healthy from below so far ...

 but upon closer inspection: Some filth in the fuel filter and the clamp chafing on the tie rod!

 the front axis prior to alignment: not too bad! Overall toe-in is too big @ 1°10'

 Now toe is perfect @ 0°30' - left and right toe exactly @ 0°15' We didn't touch the camber as it is not such a big influence and the values are not too far off. The original positve camber is not good anyway...
In the rear camber and toe are o.k. for me - remember this car is lowered and the original "o.k" values in the computer are not for a type 3 anyway, in addition the original values for a Type 3 are ancient, based on bias ply tires usage etc...

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