Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

beautiful Budel? rainful Budel!

Today I did a short trip to Budel in the Netherlands for the 28th edition of their VW meeting. It was really rainy throughout the weekend. They already started to tear down the swap meet and spare parts market - which I would also have done after 3 days of more or less rain...
Here are a few impressions under a gray sky:

a nice Streaker with water cooled engine:

early Fastback with cool wheels:

my all time favorite: the 34:

a clean Trekker:

... as seen in Bitburg:

a 1966 Fastback teak model  from Norway!:

 not an every day sight:

original and fake:

a nice 1302:

a cool bunch of busses:

the relatively small line-up of Type III's:

a classic "Autobahn" police car from the 1970's:

a nice late model notchback:

panscraping at it's best:

another cool set of wheels - also note the camper's wheels!:
 a strange kombi(nation):


  1. der baja ist ja nun nicht so die nummer! zwar recht sauber gebaut, aber das body kit ist nicht so mein ding; zumindest von der front her. und dann der motor!!! och nööööö!!!
    der schwarze käfer sieht seeeehr lecker aus!
    grüßlis vom gefrusteten strahlemann

  2. Der beste ist der letzte :) doch reicht er für einen Verletzten bestimmt nicht :D